When discussing yoga through a scientific lens, the obvious first stop of the conversation is anatomy. Granted, knowledge of anatomy is exceptionally important in the practice of yoga, as it allows for safe alignment of the body, as well as insight into when it is appropriate to either move deeper, or practice restraint, as we move through postures. However, often overlooked are the profound physiological impacts that a yoga practice can haYogi-Physiologyve on other bodily systems and processes

Undoubtedly, there is a wealth of information on the positive outcomes that can result from yoga. However, sometimes this information can be lost to the general public due to the overwhelming body of literature and overuse of scientific jargon.

This site will focus on utilizing a broad, scientific knowledge base in order to condense, interpret, and apply physiological literature as it relates to yoga into “bite-sized” portions. In addition, new, unique perspectives on how physiological process relate to yoga, and how they can be utilized in the practice, will be presented.

Finally, the mission of this site is to serve it’s readers, so please feel free to comment if there is a specific issue you would like to see highlighted.


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